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Vinyl Insulating Cover
This is a necessary item for keeping heat in and debris out of any hot tub. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but you can’t make anything that will work as well as this. Sooner or later you will need a good cover. Custom made to order. A template must be made from your hot tub and sent to us. Comes with straps and buckles for securing cover to tub. Made with an outer cover of marine vinyl, inner core of 3-inch rigid polystyrene foam, R-14, hinged in middle, 3-year warranty.
Self-Contained Filter Unit
Muskin brand, made for use with above ground swimming pools. Removes organic matter and oils washed out of the skin. Must be used if water is left in tub or used repeatedly. Clears water in several hours. Free standing next to tub, weatherproof housing. Connects to tub with 1 1/2-inch I.D. hoses provided.
Replacement Filter Cartridge
It’s good to have one or two extra cartridges on hand, for replacement or while cleaning. Reusable and washable. Pre-clean with a garden hose and then put it in a dishwasher for thorough cleaning. Really dirty cartridges may need to be soaked in filter cleaning solution.
Filter Cleaner
A powerful alkaline cleaner used to soak filters and dissolve organic matter and oils. (A plastic juice server works great for soaking a cartridge using the least amount of cleaner.)
Stainless Steel Stovepipe
Made of grade 304 stainless steel. 8ft of pipe is necessary to produce the optimum air-draw through the stove for a fast, efficient heating rate; a shorter length will produce a slower heating time. Using more than 8ft of pipe produces a hotter fire but will reduce fuel efficiency because more of the flame is drawn up into the chimney. Remedy this by installing a stove damper. If more than 8ft of pipe is used, it must be supported to insure stability. Sheet metal screws and a cobalt drill bit are provided with the Chofu Wood-fired Heater for fastening stove pipe connections.
Stainless Steel Chimney Cap
Made of grade 304 stainless. Maybe necessary where danger of fire is extreme, however, secondary combustion in Chofu prevents most sparks from escaping chimney. Adding a chimney cap reduces draw through stove, slowing the heating rate. 10ft or more of pipe is necessary when using a chimney cap, to maintain maximum heat rate. Stovepipe with a chimney cap must always be supported to provide stability.
Leaf Skimmer
This is an invaluable tool for removing debris that inevitably gets in the water: grass, leaves, bugs, etc. Has a fine mesh screen with 12inch x 14-inch plastic frame, short plastic handle.
Wooden Paddle
Thermosyphon heating creates a stratified temperature, hot water on top and cold water on the bottom, therefore, before getting into the tub you must always stir the water . This 42-inch canoe paddle is your manual circulating pump, needs no electricity!
Hot Tub Thermometer
A metal stem thermometer is much more useful than conventional mercury bulb thermometers. It gives a quick reading to measure temperature after the tub is stirred.
* Price includes cost of shipping for states west of the Mississippi River.
** Price includes cost of shipping for states east of the Mississippi River.

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