How to Order a Chofu Heater and Accessories

Chofu Heater –  Includes a connection kit: two neoprene tubes, two stainless steel tubes, and four wire clamps. Chimney pipe is necessary to operate a Chofu and two thru-wall ports are required to connect the Chofu to a tub. See options below:

Required Components

  • Stovepipe – 8 ft. is necessary to create the optimum air-flow through the Chofu firebox. When using a chimney cap, 10 ft. is required to compensate for the air-flow restriction created by the cap. Our stovepipe is made to our specification from premium 304 grade stainless. Because the stovepipe on a Chofu heater gets extremely hot, common black pipe will rust quickly and deteriorate; therefore, we recommend using only stainless steel stovepipe.
  • Thru-Wall Ports – (The fittings that transfer water into the tub.) Select the type of port for your particular tub. (link to selecting thru-wall ports)
    • Brass thin-walled tub ports w/o freeze protection – for tub wall thickness less than 3/8-in.
    • PVC thin-walled tub ports w/freeze protection – for tub wall thickness less than 3/4-in.
    • PVC thick-walled tub ports w/freeze protection – for wood tubs with wall thickness up to 1 5/8-in thick.


Optional Components

  • Drain Assembly – Necessary for complete draining of stock tanks, as the drains provided with both metal and plastic are on the side of the tub. (link)
  • Chimney Cap and Support Bracket – May be needed in summer or in extreme fire hazard conditions. (link)


Optional Accessories

  • Thermometer – fast-reading metal stem (link)
  • Hand Screen – for removing debris from water (link)