About Us

Island Hot Tub, located on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, is a pioneer in low volume outdoor soaking tubs. Since 1985 we have promoted the radical idea that soaking tubs should be part of everyone’s life and not an expensive luxury. To this end, we have shown thousands of people how to create a simple soaking tub using a thermosiphon water heater.

We think that soaking in hot steamy water on a starry night, is about the most wonderful thing a person can do. We have first hand knowledge of how rewarding the experience can be and how it can dramatically enhance a person’s life, so we take a personal interest in helping people create that for themselves.

Our website is designed to give you a lot of information about our unique products and concepts; but we also encourage people to call if they want more information about our products or to discuss a project: 1-888-878-5512.


Frazer Mann
Founder of Island Hot Tub Company
Whidbey Island, Washington