Chofu Freeze Protection

The Chofu heater can be used in the coldest climates during sub-freezing temperatures, but it must be protected when not in use. Essentially, water cannot be allowed to freeze inside the water jacket. This can be accomplished by either draining the tub, which also drains the heater, or by inserting plugs (provided) in the thru-wall ports and draining just the heater.

Freeze Protection Methods

  1. Drain the Tub  and Drain the Chofu Heater – remove the drain plug at the bottom/rear of the heater.
  2. Drain the Chofu Heater while leaving water in the tub – We provide thru-wall ports with threaded plugs that allow water to be kept in the tub, while draining just the heater.
  3. Provide an External Heat Source in the Firebox – A heat lamp can be placed inside the firebox and the Chofu covered with an insulating cover – either a soft insulated (tea cozy) type or hard shell. To provide complete freeze protection, the enclosure must snug up against the tub to protect the circulating pipes, as well as the heater.