What’s a Soaking Tub?

A soaking tub is essentially a low volume hot tub (300 gallons or less) for the purpose of soaking in hot still water.

How Is It Different From a Spa?

  • A soaking tub is all about still water – no jets or bubbles.
  • They’re usually designed for one or two people.
  • Since they have a lower volume of water, they can be filled and drained more often, and avoid the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Soaking tubs are often demand heated rather than continually hot.



  • Use less water
  • Don’t need toxic chemicals
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low cost


The Purity Factor

A primary goal when using a soaking tub is to have the least amount of the intrusion from technology, to momentarily suspend time in hot steamy water, so we can revitalize ourselves. The closer we get to elements, the more rewarding it is. A soaking tub set up in a garden provides the perfect escape.

Any kind of tub can be used as a soaking tub; however, many of our customers use stock tanks because they’re the perfect size and they’re relatively inexpensive. Folks also use wood tubs, recycled plastic spas, large bath tubs, etc. The only limitation is your imagination.

Island Hot Tub provides instructions for putting together a stock tank soaking tub. You provide the tub and we provide the heater and accessories.